Company Information

Home Doctor is a Brazilian company, founded in 1994 and managed by physicians who believe in the value of life and in the importance of the good assisting practices.

Focused on Home Health Care and Solutions for Health Management market, we are the premier on this market segment and we are proud to have contributed to the expansion and consolidation of this modality in the country.

Throughout our history we have improved the management system, upgraded the corporate environment and established as the underlying focus of our work responsibility, quality and safety of the provided services to our customers and patients.

Acting with responsibility and ethics, we have innovated processes, encouraged new behaviors and therefore we have contributed to the consolidation of the System of Home Health Care Supplemental in Brazil.

The transparency and safety of our management and assisting practices are certified on the level of Excellence by the National Organization of Accreditation, which assures more safety to the patient and efficiency on the results for customers.

In addition to this credibility, we are recognized in the market as the best home care company in Brazil, receiving the “Top Hospitalar” award for six times in a row and the “Top of Business” award for four times.

Lastly, we are aware of the value of health and therefore we are in constant development to assist the market needs.

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To promote, disseminate and improve tailored solutions in health, focusing on home care profile with quality and responsibility.


To contribute constantly on the technical-operational research and improvement in home assistance and health management, holding itself as a reference and as an opinion maker in the market, assuring excellence in services.