Home Health Care – High Complexity

There are patients with stable conditions that need some of the hospital structure for their treatment, so they can get the benefit of the home health care program. After the evaluation from our technical team at the hospital, we elaborate a tailored Therapeutic Plan. Thus every patient receives a specific treatment according to his needs and condition indications and can rely on different gradations of structure, materials and medicines and health professionals.

Eligible target public

Every age group can rely on the benefits of the home health care, from infants to elderly, and it is also indicated for patients who need to complete the treatment under medical supervision.

Home Health Care with mechanical ventilation – for adults and children

Patients who need invasive or non-invasive mechanical ventilation deserve a special care. Due to the need of special and modern equipment of high technology, for the patient’s life support, this modality of assistance requires a service of high logistics complexity for its fulfillment. We provide a compatible structure of human and technological resources to meet this need.


Underlying benefits