Home Health Care – Low Complexity

For those patients who do not need an intensive structure, there is another program for home health care, that is the visiting or the procedure, isolated or periodic, managed at patient home by a qualified health professional, as an alternative to the hospital service.

Eligible target public

Every age group can rely on the benefits of the home assistance, from infants to elderly, and it is also indicated for patients who need attendance of health professional for a determined period of time.


Underlying benefits

Learn about some programs focused on Home Health Care that may be tailored according to the company or the target public needs.

HOME HEALTH CARE (Adult and Children) – High Complexity

Applied as a replacement or as a supplement to the hospitalization, the home admission is performed by a specialized and multi-professional team. There is the possibility to install the entire logistic infrastructure with the necessary material and equipment for a humanized service for the patient.


Focused on medical management for chronic diseases, aiming to reduce the clinical intercurrence, appropriate management of the affiliated health care providers and improvement of life quality. In addition to the physicians and the nurses visiting, the patients can have the attendance of nutritionists, physiotherapists and phonoaudiologists as an optional choice.


The Program of Health Guidance is also recommended to chronic diseases, in the initial stage of the disease, with a high potential of disease control, that is in the initial stage of the disease. This program works with clinical results that are confronted with pre-established goals with quality and quantity specifications for each patient, who is visited by nursery and nutritionists regularly.


The obesity is now considered a global epidemic, reaching a greater number of people, in all age groups, with co-morbidity associated: high blood pressure, diabetes, dyslepidemia among others. The reduction of weight is the first option for the control of these co-morbidities and the improvement of life quality. To control the weight, besides the involvement and the commitment of the patient, it is necessary the assistance of an integrated multi-professional. Thus this program combines outpatient attendance at medical offices and visits at home.


It is recommended for patients over 65 years old, who need special care to the disease control or to the change of life habits that are considered risky. Focused on the education and prevention, this home service program relies on nursery visits and patients can use the Call Center 24 hours and Emergency Department at home, in case of acute alterations of the clinic condition.


This program is intended to guide mothers in the first thirty days of their neonate, through visits of health professionals, in addition to telephone support 24 hours during this period. With this prevent care, we are able to reduce the emergency services and admissions in the first months of the baby’s life.


Indicated to companies that need information concerning their employees – the user’s health profile. The Health Station can be also tailored according to the contractor company’s needs. Besides the collection of laboratory tests, we can apply the health risk assessment and provide educational lectures to the target public. With this information the companies can work together with their Occupation Health Department, taking healing and preventive actions.