In addition to provide high quality services and the best management in health to patients and customers, Home Doctor constantly incorporates sustainable actions as a wide-ranging plan, acting with responsibility before the eyes of society and environment.

Social Responsibility

Home Doctor provides assistance to impoverished elderly and children, due to its belief that sustainable actions and ethics benefit the society as a whole, and have a positive impact on the health business chain. The following are some institutions that Home Doctor assists.


Business Responsibility

We also invest on the improvement of professionals for the market and in the training of the assisting teams, through programs of scientific support, partnership with important teaching and research institutions, aiming the continuing professional updating linked to the humanization of the service and the respect for the patient.

We are the first private company of the country to make a partnership with a university (Faculdade de Medicina do ABC), aiming to graduate physicians to attend this market that constant demands more professionals.


  • Since 2007 we take in resident physicians at the Family Medicine and Community to practical and theoretical attendance in the routines of the Home Health Care Assistance.
  • In 2008 we started the traineeship program for students that are graduating from Medical School.