Medical Emergencies

The Home Doctor Group’s Medical Emergency service has over 28 years of experience. We have complete infrastructure, 24-hour medical care, state-of-the-art equipment, a real-time GPS system, triage scoring, clinical protocols and a team specialized in treating complex clinical cases.

Pre-Hospital Care

24-hour urgent and emergency care for children, adults and seniors with an Advanced Support Unit (Mobile ICU), supervised by our Telemedical Center. We have our own operating system and classify service according to criticality and fleet geopositioning, which allows us to deal with the most serious cases in less time.


Protected Area

This service ensures prompt urgent and emergency care for anyone in the designated area. Places with large concentrations of people, such as clubs, shopping malls, schools, hotels, factories, and universities are the main users of this service, because it is guarantees care for everyone at this location in the shortest time possible. Our state-of-the-art mobile units have all the necessary equipment and a highly qualified team (a physician, nurse, and a emergency medical technician, which guarantees safety, even in the most complex situations.

Event Coverage

Safety is a basic requirement for the success of any public or private event. We provide an ICU and/or basic ambulance at all times at the event location to treat urgent or emergency cases, which ensures a prompt safe response.

Medical Advice by Telephone

We have physicians available 24 hours a day to answer questions and provide first-aid advice. Through Medical Advice by Telephone, low-complexity patients are treated without having to go to a hospital. Following our screening score and clinical protocols, our medical approach resolves a high percentage of cases, allowing patients to stay at home.

Medical Station

Recommended for construction companies, shopping malls, colleges, and other companies that need an on-site health team and ambulance to ensure urgent and emergency care for employees, visitors, or clients. The goal is either to resolve cases on site or transport patients in the shortest time possible to a hospital.

Medical Transportation

Specialized transportation with basic or advanced support (ICU) ambulances for:

– Hospital discharge (hospital-to-home)

– Inter-hospital transfer (between hospitals)

– Exams (intra-hospital transfer or residence-to-hospital/clinical)

– Intercity and interstate transfer

All ambulances are equipped with the most modern equipment and comply with the requirements of Brazilian Resolution 2048.

Aeromedical Transportation

Aeromedical transportation consists of transferring critically ill patients by aircraft in dire emergencies or in situations which air transportation is more suitable to the patient’s clinical complexity. Aeromedical transportation can occur between cities, states, or even countries. We have a specialized technical team and our aircraft have the most modern and advanced life support equipment.

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