Notifications of Adverse Events

An adverse event is an unexpected, undesirable, or potentially dangerous occurrence resulting from the care provided to the patient rather than from the clinical course of the disease. Such incidents/adverse events may be identified and reported by healthcare professionals, the family, the caregiver, or the patient.

Our corporate culture is based on patient safety and quality of care. We encourage the notification of any incidents so that we can quickly revise our procedures and establish new prevention and safety barriers for our patients and professionals. Thus, we can strengthen our culture of safety and excellence.

We are counting on you to enhance the safety and efficiency of our procedures so that we can always provide the best possible care, as our patients deserve.

Notify us here of situations such as:

Any type of injury

Medication and/or diet
administration error

Any type of accident
(fall, fracture, burn)

Adverse drug reactions
or any other possible
drug/allergy-related problems

Suspected bronchoaspiration

Contamos com você para potencializar a segurança e eficiência dos nossos processos, levando sempre o melhor cuidado, como nossos pacientes merecem.

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