Hospital at home

Hospital at home is a new and innovative home care model, created by Home Doctor and now available to our patients. With cutting-edge technology, it includes telemedicine and 24-hour monitoring of vital signs, remotely.

Cutting-edge technology

More safety for the patient

Caregiver support and training

Home hospitalization

Patients with a stable clinical status who do not require complete hospital infrastructure for treatment may benefit from home care. After a multidisciplinary assessment, a personalized Home Care Plan is developed. Thus, patients receive specific treatments according to their needs and clinical indications, receiving different degrees of infrastructure, health professionals, materials, and medications. All these features are included in the following service package models designed for different complexity levels:

12-hour home hospitalization

24-hour home hospitalization

24-hour home hospitalization with Mechanical

Home care

Care programs for less complex patients. This care modality is similar to outpatient consultations and procedures.


Our Bandaging Program follows up injured patients with a specialized team (a Dermatologist, Stomatologist, General Nurse, and Nutritionist). The multidisciplinary team defines procedures aimed at adequate wound dressing and healing, determining the frequency of dressing changes according to the characteristics of the wound. Focusing on the patient’s quality of life and independence, we also encourage lifestyle changes that improve self-care. The Program is divided into four complexity levels.

Multidisciplinary team

Care provided through multidisciplinary team visits in the home. The frequency of these visits is determined in the initial assessment through the Home Care Plan. We create an individualized Home Care Plan, with frequent reassessments to readjust care according to the patient’s clinical condition. The goals are rehabilitation, clinical stability, disease prevention, encouragement of self-care, and quality of life.

Equipe Multidisciplinar



Social worker

Physical therapist

Speech therapist



Occupational Therapist

Medicare - Administering Medication

Patient follow-up that begins or continues drug treatment at home, providing care with better cost-effectiveness and a shorter hospital stay. Medications can be administered intravenously, intramuscularly, or subcutaneously from one to four times a day. This service includes drug administration by a nursing professional, weekly supervision by a nurse, and all the basic materials involved in treatment.

Special Medications

Previously restricted to hospitals and clinics, certain special medications, such as chemotherapy, immunosuppressants and immunobiologicals, can now be safely administered at home subcutaneously, intramuscularly, or intravenously. The Special Medications Program, which has the best cost-benefit ratio, includes four complexity levels. Trained professionals administer the medications and monitor for adverse reactions. All the necessary materials are provided for administration, as well as an emergency center with physicians on call 24 hours and Pre-Hospital Care for clinical complications.

Parenteral Nutrition

Home Doctor has brought together an experienced team, developing a program for the safe dehospitalization of adult or pediatric parenteral nutrition therapy patients. The program involves two complexity levels based on the composition of the parenteral solution. The care team consists of a General Practitioner, a Nutritionist, and a Nurse to set up and remove the feeding system. The parenteral solution and all necessary materials to administer it according to our protocols are included in the program.

Home Palliative Program

Home Doctor created the Home Palliative program to support patients at different stages of serious illness, controlling symptoms and providing comfort, dignity, and respect for patients and their families. All necessary resources are made available for patients to remain at home in comfort and safety. We provide a specialized medical team, a multidisciplinary team, pre-hospital emergency care, materials, and injectable and transdermal medications. The program involves four complexity levels based on the patient’s classification scores.

Motor Rehabilitation

Home motor rehabilitation can be indicated for different patient profiles, such as those with chronic or acute orthopedic problems, those who have recently undergone orthopedic surgery, those with neurological sequelae, functional loss due to aging, or other clinical situations. Its objective, through manual or functional exercise techniques, is to minimize pain, improve movement, posture, and body awareness, and to prevent injuries due to functional loss, as well as to promote greater physical autonomy and perceived quality of life.

Respiratory Rehabilitation

Respiratory rehabilitation is an intervention that has a great impact on people with symptomatic respiratory diseases or pulmonary sequelae resulting from other clinical situations. Its aims are to reduce shortness of breath, optimize exercise tolerance, maintain adequate bronchial hygiene, pulmonary ventilation, and gas exchange, and reduce respiratory complications and hospitalizations.

Ventilatory Support

Patients who need some type of intermittent ventilatory support, whether invasive or not, need special attention. Due to the specialized modern equipment involved, this modality requires a highly complex logistics. We have the human and technological resources to meet this need. Ventilatory Support is divided into three complexity levels and includes all of the necessary respiratory equipment and materials, including maintenance and logistics.

Caregiver training

Temporary care guidance program for patients, relatives, and caregivers who need active guidance from a health care team about how to safely provide basic patient care. This could be related to self-care or assistance from others. Training is provided by a nurse for 3 to 7 days, according to the needs of each case.

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