Whistleblower Channel

We are committed to acting responsibly and ethically at all times, as well as complying with applicable laws, professional codes of ethics and other regulations. Therefore, it is essential that our staff and third parties express their concerns and report violations, irregularities, deviations, suspicions about legislation or Home Doctor standards, including our Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy.

We do not allow discrimination, penalization, exposure or retaliation towards whistleblowers who report in good faith.

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Frequently Asked

The Whistleblower Channel was designed to receive reports and concerns from our employees, suppliers, and clients about any illegal or unethical conduct or violation of laws, professional codes of ethics, or our policies, including non-compliance with the Home Doctor Code of Ethics. Concerns about suspected fraud or weaknesses in our internal control systems can also be reported.


Any situation that could jeopardize Home Doctor’s integrity or reputation must be reported immediately.

We also request that the complaint provide as much detail as possible, such as names, positions, dates, values, location, etc.

Failing to report a violation that you are aware of is, in itself, a violation of Home Doctor’s guidelines and may lead to disciplinary action, including dismissal, depending on the seriousness of the incident.

Deixar de reportar violação que tenha conhecimento, por si só, já é uma violação às diretrizes da Home Doctor e pode acarretar aplicação de medida disciplinar, incluindo demissão, a depender da gravidade do fato.

The Whistleblower Channel should be used when other communication channels are not available or appear to be inappropriate. If you have any questions, you should first consider taking them directly to your manager (or even another Home Doctor professional) or to the Compliance, Legal, or Human Resources Committees. If you are not comfortable reporting a concern through these means or if you have already tried and are not satisfied with the response you received, please contact the Whistleblower Channel.

Situations that pose a serious risk to Home Doctor, such as verbal or sexual harassment, falsification of documents, forgery and fraud, unethical conduct, conflicts of interest, favoritism, bribery, discrimination, prejudice, data or confidential information leakage, etc., should be reported to the Channel.

No. You can also report any suspicion, as long as you provide information that can at least support a thorough investigation.

No. You can also report suspicions, as long as you provide enough information to support a proper investigation.

We do not allow any form of retaliation against bona fide reports about deviations or violations, as provided for in our Code of Ethics. Any retaliation must be reported and will be duly investigated.

In this case, we cannot guarantee that disciplinary action will not be applied, but we will consider your courage to admit your mistake and less severe measures may be applied at the Compliance Committee’s discretion.

Yes. If you so desire and when permitted by law, we will take every possible measure to preserve your anonymity. However, others may guess who made the report in the event of inappropriate or unethical conduct, for example.


You can also identify yourself and ask us to keep your identity confidential. We encourage you to provide us with a real email or phone number so that the Compliance Committee can contact you to gather more details about the complaint, when necessary. Such identification enables you to receive feedback about the investigation.

We advise you to speak with your manager or with the Compliance, Human Resources, or Legal Committee. If you are not comfortable with any of these options or if you feel that the response you receive is not satisfactory, contact the Whistleblower Channel. In addition to receiving complaints, the Channel was also designed to respond to questions or concerns, and provide guidance about our norms and policies to staff, suppliers, and third parties.

Code of ethics

Home Doctor’s Code of Ethics was developed to reflect our mission, vision, and values, aiming to create a corporate culture in which ethics is understood as a crucial factor in the sustainability of the business and the construction of a principled, diligent, and stable company.

Everyone who is part of Home Doctor, directly or indirectly, must observe and comply with the rules established in the Code, that is, not only our staff, but our members and suppliers as well, as a way to unite us in a more ethical and holistic business community.

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about our Code of Ethics.


Do not use this site to report events that pose an immediate threat to life or property. Reports to this channel may not be answered immediately. If you need emergency assistance, contact the Emergency Department, Patient Care, or local authorities. I declare that I have read the Whistleblower Channel’s terms of use and I agree to report.

    Exemplos: Ignorou / alterou documentos ou sistema; Disse que não era um problema; Disse que era procedimento; Disse que verificaria.

    Caso você tenha evidências sobre o fato (vídeos, fotos, documentos), faça o upload do arquivo aqui.

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