The Home Doctor Teaching and Research Institute (TRI)

To deepen understanding about Home Care, the Home Doctor Teaching and Research Institute was created in 2018.
The Home Doctor TRI is an educational initiative to integrate home care theory and practice, thus contributing to the development of home care throughout Brazil.
In addition to aiming at better professional training and greater access to knowledge and new technologies, the TRI includes an On-site Training Center and a distance learning platform.

The TRI infrastructure: more technology and training in home care

The TRI has a practical training room with home care equipment and supplies, adult and pediatric simulators for training in all home care procedures and emergency situations (basic and advanced pediatric and adult life support).


The TRI has an amphitheater that seats 50 people, including capacity for real-time online transmission of classes and lectures.

Distance learning

The TRI has a distance learning platform that provides courses for different classes of professionals.

For more information about distance learning, Contact us by e-mail or at

Distance learning

Scientific Meetings and Lectures

Since health is one of the most advanced fields of research and scientific development, it is essential that health care professionals keep up to date with technological innovations, the scientific literature, and social needs.
Home Doctor’s TRI hosts scientific meetings with its own clinical staff and external guests to discuss clinical cases between groups of physicians and other health professionals in a multidisciplinary environment.


Home Doctor believes that professional development through scientific research is also of great importance, since it provides new knowledge about Home Care, as well as direct and indirect tools for improving the safety and quality of care.

See published articles


Home Doctor internships are aimed at undergraduate medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, nutrition, speech therapy, and psychology students. In these unpaid internships, students perform supervised monitoring of the care routine. Thus, theoretical and practical experience is provided through contact with Home Care.

Educational Partnerships

Since 2018, IEP HD has been working in partnership with the Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, teaching an elective discipline for students in the 3rd year of Medical school. This discipline aims to present and discuss the concept of Home Health Care and its different modalities.

It addresses aspects of multiprofessional clinical evaluation and the structure of home care, correlating them with health management and how to insert it in this context.

IEP HD aims to expand its partnerships, believing that several subjects on Home Health Care can be part of the curriculum of undergraduate and graduate courses in the health area. Therefore, within the competitive job market, the professional may acquire knowledge about this constantly growing sector.

Interested institutions, please contact by
email or +55 (11) 2344-8208.


Dra. Heloisa Amaral Gaspar Gonçalves

  • Pediatric intensivist, University of São Paulo School of Medicine
  • PhD in Sciences, University of São Paulo School of Medicine
  • Home Doctor Medical Coordinator

Katia Cantarini

  • Physical therapist specialized in pulmonary physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation
  • Home Doctor Physical Therapy Supervisor

Adriana Quirino

  • Geriatrics and gerontology nursing specialist, Federal University of São Paulo
  • Health Educator at Albert Einstein Hospital

Thaina Regina de Sales Souza

  • B.A. in Business Administration, Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas
  • Teaches SENAC courses and a Udemy photo and video editing course

Luciana Pellegrini

  • Nurse graduated from Medicine and Nursing School of Marília
  • MBA in Health Management from Centro Universitário São Camilo
  • Experience at assistance area, teaching and continuing education

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